Love – A Remarkable Thing

What is Love?

Love is the name of such remarkable thing in which one want to do something for the other out of thenight goodness of their heart without having any sort of ulterior motive. Love means being selfless. Love is the only thing that defines what humanity really is. Without love, everyone is just a selfish person competing in the game of life and everyone wants to overrun the other without having any second thoughts.

We are all limited to our only means. Love teaches us to be more than what we really are. Love is the wisdom and love is the knowledge that makes a human better than any other living thing on Earth. For love a person live and for love a person die. This life is nothing without love. Many people like to be alone and many people bear the pain of being alone but no one in this world can bear solitude. Love teaches us to look after one another and love gives us the chance to make our life better. Without love there is no meaning to one’s life.

In this vast world, people die and their bodies turn to dust yet only the tales of their love remains.

Only their love is kept alive. Love never dies. Love is eternal. The greatest tales of love has always been recorded in the history. Love makes the history. All the major historical events that occurred in this world are due to love and love only. The greatest of the sins as well as the greatest of sacrifices are made in the name of love.

Love is so powerful yet so simple. Love is the true meaning of life. From the moment, we step foot on this world to the moment when we take our final breath, we demand love from those around us.