Homescapes – Game With Unique Concept

The love for the arcade category virtual game is touching the clouds, every single person is in love with playing such games. homescapes is one of the games under this category, displaying that what makes this category so loved. The person can play the game on their smart devices having the back support of the android or IOS. The developer of this game is known as the Playrix games, it is the platforms which have served a lot more loving games in the previous time.

The Android users can download the game from the play store; where else the IOS users are having the app store for the services. The game is even having the partial role of the game currency. In order to always having a good amount of money in the pocket, player can take help of the homescapes hack no human verification. It serves the opportunity to make limitless currency in the game without facing struggle.

Homescapes Gameplay [How To Play]:

Concept of the game

The concept of the game is quite unique. In this, the person first needs to solve the puzzle and generate money. Once the person is done with generating sufficient amount of money, it can be used in order to renovate the house. Like this, the game head forward, player needs to generate money and then spend it on the renovation of mansion.

In short, this game is covering two games in it – first one is to solve the puzzles and second to use the game currency for renovating the property. There are various options available to the person to renovate the house. Different styles of curtains, paint, etc are available. The concept of the game is clear till now that what a player needs to do and how to do.We will also launch our Pixel Gun 3d Game Guide, So must follow these guides to get free cheats online.


Information about currency

The game currency is having a major role to play, just like the other games. In this gameplay, two type of currency has been introduced. The first one is coins and another is the stars. Both of the currencies are having their own use. Coins are termed as the premium currency of the game; where else the stars are the primary currency. There are several ways to collect the game currency.

The most common is to solve the puzzles. Well, apart from it there are lot more options to avail money in game. The real world money can buy the game currency. There are some tasks, on the completion of which player gets rewarded. A good to know stuff about the currency is that – in the absence of it heading forward is not possible. Therefore the person should focus on collecting money and using it wisely.

Final words

All the points discussed above is sufficient enough to tell that what makes the game better in the comparison of others. In case you also want to play this game and enjoy better gaming experience then install it in your device from the store. It is totally free of cost, however, offers in-app purchases.

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